Wedding traditions and where they come from


Weddings are events that begun long time ago and they are being practiced today. This event brings together different families with different cultural practices. The commonly used word bride means cook according to the Teutonic words .initially the dressing of the bridesmaids was similar including the veil to prevent the evil spirits from touching the bridal couple on the wedding day. The bride and the bridegroom wore blue band around their waist to show commitment and being faithful to each other. They also had a silver sixpence that meant prosperity and good luck for the married people. Receiving an engagement ring is also an old tradition and these rings are usually made of glass. Tradition states that the ring should be put on the fourth finger because is believed that there is a vein which runs from this finger straight to the heart, and this is till practiced till today.

Marriage days and times

Traditionally most marriages are done on Saturdays but those who still believe in the past choose on days according to what it meant. Each day of the week had its meaning like Monday meant marriage for wealth, Tuesday meant marriage for health, Wednesday meant marriage for the best day of all, Thursday meant marriage for crosses, and Friday meant marriage for no luck at all. The romans believed in making their marriages in the month of June because it a month of blessings from juno the queen of gods and the protector of all marriages.

Presence of groomsmen

According to the tradition the presence of the groomsmen in the wedding ceremonies showed some security. This was applicable in the old days where the bride was kidnapped. They also prevented fights where the family of the bride wanted to stop that marriage.

Wearing of veils

This originated from the old practice where the bridegroom was instructed to throw a blanket or a sheet to the woman he wants to marry. When the marriages were being planned the face the bride was to be covered until the last day of their marriage to prevent her from changing mind on the choice of thee man they made for her.


Marriage presentations and believes

Victorians had different meanings for every presentation made and done on the wedding day. Many couples today use these signs to make their or example the rose flowers show purity and love, orchids meant rare beauty, ivy meant fidelity and wedded love, daisy meant being loyal, snowdrops showed hope in their marriage and peony showed a lot of happiness.

The color of their dressing also has a meaning just like today many people use white color showing purity and virginity though it’s believed to ward off evil spirits. Marrying in gray showed that your marriage will go far away.

According to the French believes bread was put in a glass of wine passed around to the visitors. The person who will be the first to reach the wine was the one to adore the luck. The honeymoon generally meant taking the bride into the hiding place especially when she was kidnapped or taken the time the family members get her she would be pregnant and there will be no negotiation for the price.