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Last updated Febuary 25 2004

Bonamy and Molly Devas

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The origin of the family name has for long been a matter of debate, but it now seems conclusively established that Devas is an english name with roots in Yorkshire, and is a variant spelling of Devis, Devers, Davies and a number of similar names, all spelt in the 17th century and earlier phonetically, interchangably and without consistency, even within legal documents.

Anthony Devas ARA, RP Artist (1911-1958)
Nicolette Devas, artist and writer (1911-1987)
Francis Macnamara (1886-1946) - poet- father of Nicolette Devas
Father Raymund Devas (1887-1975) a well known priest in Grenada, West Indies, and author of many books on the island
Messrs. Devas, Routledge & Co., Limited, Warehousemen (1801-1988)
Devas Youth Club in Battersea, est.1884
Charles Stanton Devas, political economist (1848-1906)
Bertrand Ward Devas, Community Worker and Soldier, son of Charles Stanton Devas & Elizabeth Mary Ward (1882-1916)
Esmond Devas, economist and pioneer of eco tourism, founder of this site (1941-2001)

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